• nur zaini universitas bangka belitung
Keywords: Political Identity, Ethnification, Jerieng Malay Ethnic Group


Political identity refers to a group or individual whose existence is seen through the symbols that
indicate the existence of a particular group or individual. These symbols are in the forms of ethnic
group, ethnicity, religion, language, culture, custom, habit, and party color. Political identity is a
construction that determines the position of the subject's interest within the ties of the political
community. This study aims to describe the characteristics and to find out the attempts conducted
by Jerieng Malay ethnic group in order to strengthen their existence as a political identity unit.
This study applied the theory of political identity proposed by T. K. Oommen who uses the term
ethnification in the study of ethnic group and its dynamics. According to him, ethnification is a
process that attempts to connect territory and culture. The method used in this study was
descriptive qualitative. Further, the result of this study shows that in the process of characteristic
development and the strengthening attempt conducted by Jerieng Malay ethnic group, there has
been a re-ethnification in which the ethnification is not fully developed. Ethnification within the
Jerieng Malay ethnic group is still fragmented in which a particular group has attempted to re-
ethnize the local identity. However, this generates a fragmentation in society as the consequence of
the deprivation of the historical division of local identity.


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